Alaskan born, pure and soulful American rock ‘n’ roll. Fire from ice, gunfire and lightning, heat and energy packed into a live show unlike any other. No big record labels, no Hollywood agents, no rules…Static Cycle is just chasing their dreams, defying odds, and making their brand of great American music.

“The hottest rock band out there” (MTV - 2010)

  Growing up in Alaska, the members fought the last frontier’s long, cold, dark winters through music. “I remember packing everything into a truck, driving out onto the frozen lake and playing a show outdoors on New Years.” Says Navarre. “It had to be negative 10 degrees out. Everything we played slowed down. My fingers could barely move across the neck of the guitar. It was incredible, I loved it, Alaska builds rock and roll musicians.”
  Over the past two years, the band has toured the nation, sharing the stage with major artists Daughtry, Ludacris, Drowning Pool, The New Boyz, Seether, Puddle of Mudd, Pop Evil, Eve6, Emery, 36 Crazyfists, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Drive A, Trust Company, Saliva, Anew Revolution and more.
Formed in 2007, the band consists of Jared Navarre (vocals/rhythm guitar), Dennis “Swerve” Smith (drums/vocals), Jonny Nabors (bass guitar), and David “Guns” Myhre (lead guitar).

JARED NAVARRE (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)
An epic showman, the rock and roll front man of old. Explosive on the mic, high flying onstage, and Sinatra smooth. Navarre is the principal lyricist and melodic writer for Static Cycle. A gripping, powerful voice; he sings with a burden, with a purpose that pulls us to listen.

DENNIS “Swerve” SMITH (Drums)
A hip hop, soul, and gospel inspired artist. Don’t let the tattoos fool you, he is classically trained on the piano and has played drums since he was 6 years old. Swerve is a versatile and accomplished rhythmist, bringing the heartbeat in drums to Static Cycle's addictive rock. Fusing rock and hip-hop styles underpins and propels the rest of his style and allows it to soar.

JONNY NABORS (Bass Guitar)
Smart, energetic, charismatic, electric and mean onstage. A ska, punk and heavy metal inspired artist. The life of the party, his magnetism bleeds into the bass guitar. The only non-Alaskan, Jonny was born and raised in Michigan and joined the band in early 2010.

DAVID “Guns” MYHRE (Lead Guitar)
Poetic on the five string, young, Hollywood Handsome, and Cinderella sweet. A blues, soul and classic rock inspired musician. Guns breaths life into music, speaking through the ax.

   The band rose to national fame with their second album, Part 1: Hydrate and the release of the hit single “Inside This World of Mine”. The music video for the track was released in November of 2010 to widespread acclaim. The video was filmed in Alaska in an ice museum and on a glacier. The video world-premiered on E! and has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, NY Daily News, Examiner, The Huffington Post and many Hollywood gossip outlets. Their music has been featured on television including the Alaska Outdoor Television (#1 show on the Outdoor Channel), Big Hair Alaska and others.
Static Cycle has released 1 full length studio album, two EPs and two music videos. Early releases include fast tempos and aggressive rock sounds. The bands second album Hydrate Part 1 was produced by Grammy award winning producer Josh “Tone” Weaver and is the most commercially successful of the albums.

For the fans:
   Static Cycle has championed an innovative approach to releasing their music. Instead of releasing one full length album, the band releases their tracks in installments and for free. The band’s latest record was released in two EP installments. Part 1: Hydrate and Part 2: Rehydrate and includes five tracks, plus bonus instrumental and a capella mixes. The band plans to have multiple releases each year, giving the fans more music, more often.


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