let's get creative

get creative, funky, crazy, wild and put that raw emotion on paper...errr computer.

Design the album cover for our new record "Part 2: Rehydrate". The Winner's art will be used nationally as the official album cover for digital and physical copies of the record!! There are no boundaries... Just use the art you think best describes the sound and emotion of the new record. You can download a free copy of the new record here: www.staticcycle.com

Besides having your art on the front of the new record, the winner will receive a prize pack: 6 chuck e cheese tokens, a jump rope, tropical skittles, alaska club water bottle, 1 steven seagal movie, a crayon drawing by jonny and 1 lock of david's hair....and we might throw in some music and static cycle gear :)

Contest Details:

· Submission deadline is 8 PM EST August 8th

· Minimum design size: 11 inch x 10 inch

· Submissions should be no larger than 5 mb (high res copies will be required from winner).

· Please ensure you own all copyrights of images and graphics used in your design.

· Download logo art pack at http://www.staticcycle.com/contest

· Email all submissions to: contest@staticcycle.com

· Questions? Email contest@staticcycle.com

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